Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors Launches Soon

CHAlLeNgE rEwArdS?
paganicus wrote:
12h left until launch and rewards are not ready yet - nice one...

Im sure they are ready. They just don't care enough to show us until there're 2 hours left before launch. or something :/
challenge rewards?
challenge rewards?
challenge rewards?
Obligatory comment:
Challenge rewards ?
Revenge forward?
Challenge rewards?
Shavronne wrapped Kaom's waist,
with her gilded purple boots.
"You want my sockets?"
Challenge rewards?
you NEVER include British Summer Time (GMT +1) its not even an option in my account. Other Developers can manage this small thing, and yet after 4 years (thats when I started playing ) you can't...

my mind boggles at this....

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