3.21.2c Patch Notes

seems more like a way to drive players away to a game that will not be playable for about another 2 years. i don't have problems running the game but i WILL NOT risk any of my hardware for a free game that i have my real money invested in with how the gpu and cpu graphs dance the way they do. it's just not good for your hardware people. sad but true
poe is going down fast. Diablo 4 and Baldur's Gate 3 have no performance issues. play them instead
happyz1988 wrote:

It solved problems for some but not all. With the variety of hardwares out there its hardly suprising.

I disagree.
Just because you don't experience a significant drop in overall performance doesn't mean the problem is solved.
Perhaps we will rely on measurable values, and not on feelings?
"This is about load order, doesn't have to do anything with loading times."
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Good <3
Updated game, logged in, used a rogue marker to try to get to rogue harbour, load time is still 5 minutes and the harbour is still a disco when it's finally loaded. It's obvious that they don't test heist.
Exiting poe, entering diablo 4 until heist is fixed.
i dont get it.
why is GGG hell bent in putting their 'precious' particle in the game and shove it down our throat?

i mean,theres no option to DISABLE it to those who prefers performance over something as useless as sparkles.

i mean,is it that nice?
i cant see sh@t in highly juiced 100% deli map.all looks grey and 100s ground effect cluttering my 32 inc monitor makes me want to vomit.

so,tell me again...why is it that you cant THINK to put an option to disable extra shiny particles that is useless and bothersome and causing people's eye to bleed after farming maps for hours?


Worked just fine before patch. Now I can't even get into my hideout without crashing.
-With honor
GooDLike79PL wrote:
RuthlessErik wrote:
Thanks for reverting the game back to what it was before the Engine and Graphics Improvements.

Now it actually works flawless again for me.

Reverting?? game still crash if use attack skill

Nothing change 4 me. Mac osx - Steam

Can only trade in hid if not someone use skill then game crash.

43 Dispatch queue: com.Metal.CompletionQueueDispatch

Metal crash.

Crash after trade attempt in hid)))
Discrete GPU goes to safe mode. Vulcan on laptop.

I was playing at 1080p middle quality at 3.11 leage with 50-60 fps.
Now at 720p and low I have 10-15 fps and hardware issues.
Nice perfomancy improved from GGG)
i also dont understand why even do this poe 2 tech? i mean no one really asked for poe 2 tech to be implented in poe isnt poe 2 gonna be seperate game? why try put any of poe 2 tech into poe as you can see it only brings issues no one complained about fps issues before everyone were happy but now they ruined performance
i have played on my steam deck before this stupid patch flawless on 45 fps , now its 20 fps and crashing game all the time :D you wont be getting my money for supporter back going back to d4 cya nerds
lordzelzard wrote:
i dont get it.
why is GGG hell bent in putting their 'precious' particle in the game and shove it down our throat?

Creeping hardware requirements started in earnest around the Dominus fight.

Mayself, yeah it is a lot of fancy paper maché on top of what would be a lot more efficient as the basic circles and lines that they are.

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