New and Changed Gems in Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors

hmmm. Not much, it is something, i guess.
jsuslak313 wrote:
melkoriii wrote:
Will Fresh Meat affect minion summoned from Items like Arakaali Spiders?

Raise Spider granted from Arakaali is a skill that summons it should.

well yes but it says it grants thous buffs for only 10% of they're max duration, so if duration is 20sec the buffs is only 2sec
How will Devour work with minions?

Will the corpse consumption trigger on all the minions linked to it, or only the one minion that lands the killing blow?
Can I use Channelling skill for Locus Mine Support?
i had faith and i wasnt disapointed gj poe 1 devs well done.
Do supports like Increased duration or Efficacy etc, apply to the corrupting blood debuff from the corrupting cry support? Can we affect the CB parameters (dmg, duration etc) with supports? Or only generic phys/dot/duration passives work with it?

Example : Enduring Cry + Corrupting cry support, if i use Efficacy support, does it increase the damage of the CB debuff applied to enemies from the enduring cry?
Inundated with cockroaches, I am - labyrinth rework ideas/suggestions
I'm confused here.

I see a lot of comments unhappy that these gems might only apply to niche builds, and not be widely applicable. But isn't that exactly what people wanted? Changes to niche/underutilized skills? So, which is? Can't have your cake and eat it too...

Also, if I was prone to ignite, that Sadism support looks sick AF - especially for clearing maps. Arma, WoK and other builds I suppose (can) hit fast enough for it to be up most of the time in boss encounters? Also, you don't need 100% uptime for the support to be strong on bosses - but if you can get 100%, damn it's spicy!
If Flamewood's Avenging Flame is a skill owned by the totem, will it still have the player's stats?

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