Server Maintenance

Please make that particle generation via GPU optional.
I can NOT play poe anymore outside the standard campaign.

please I beg you ;_;
Please use for your guides instead of pastebin!
Cheers for your hope and your patience, I'm not so nice after being fooled for 3 weeks.
Were 4-minute instance timers (campaign) a thing before this patch?
Is this meant to be a permanent change?

[Edit:] With the 3.21.2c Patch at the end of Crucible league, the 8-minute instance timers have indeed returned. They may have even reverted the prior 6.x minute change? Either way -- Thank You!

Most 8-minute instances were previously reduced to just over 6 minutes, but 4 seems problematic.

While I am one of the slowest players imaginable, I find this restriction rather cumbersome and it could throw off new players, in particular. As soon as they (or I) talk to a vendor, their instance and portal will disappear on them.

I continue to find it strange that a game which frequently incentivizes instance-spamming also makes it so difficult for slower players to keep a single instance open.
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nakamana wrote:
Maybe working on the poor performance? I can only hope. Please, I haven't been able to play since the graphics changes

i used to have 60 stable fps now i have 20 fps XD

you wont be getting my money for this poor performance GGG :D fix it
Game has been crashing at random for the last week, when are you guys going to fix it? shader problems are causing crashes.
Hello guys.

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