ExileCon 2023 Starts Soon!

Totes_Adorbs wrote:
I'm guessing since league is dead and no one is streaming anyways.. the only way to get streamers to stream is give them STREAMER PRIORITY to the PoE 2 beta and have em stream that over the weekend...

And I thought GGG said they'd never do Streamer Priority again.

tsk tsk.

what do you mean ? the streamers get to play PoE 2 beta before ? why ?
Good luck GGG <3
cant wait for it. wish you all a good game. I'll wait for it till its air.
Last edited by TG_Thunder on Jul 28, 2023, 1:07:56 PM
GGG has the power to overtake Diabolo (yet again lol) so POE 2 better SNATCH OUR WIGS ;)
Last edited by Deus_Vitae on Jul 28, 2023, 2:18:47 PM

In the meantime I'll suffer some comedic campfire event...

and play some LE to relax :)
Last edited by BluMetal on Jul 28, 2023, 2:29:18 PM
I am ready!
"Is there such a thing as an absolute, timeless enemy? There is no such thing, and never has been. And the reason
is that our enemies are human beings like us. They can only be our enemies in relative terms."
I can't even express in words how stoked I am that the day is finally here.
can't wait :)

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