ExileCon 2023 Starts Soon!

So hyped. Especially because ExileCon is happening on my birthday.
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I'm guessing since league is dead and no one is streaming anyways.. the only way to get streamers to stream is give them STREAMER PRIORITY to the PoE 2 beta and have em stream that over the weekend...

And I thought GGG said they'd never do Streamer Priority again.

tsk tsk.
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gandhar0 wrote:
Only big surprises for me would be if they fast forward the POE 2 (Patch 4.0) beta into this year and/or add massive goodies from POE2 to the existing base game like new weapon types ,shapeshift skills, updated character animations/models.

sorry if my english is very bad and i understood it wrongly, but i think the betas for poe 2 will be this year? if i remember correctly chris said in one livestream in one past league reveal that you would be able to play the beta for poe in exilecon, and after that , after 2-3 months in the middle of the 3.22 league (i think this is what he said) a closed beta for poe 2, but i dont remember he saying anything about an open beta or even if it will have one,
Since we have to collect the twitch drops before the promotional period ends, how long is that?
So hyped. Especially because ExileCon is happening on my birthday.

Congrats mate !!!
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