3.21.2b Patch Notes

Xeatran wrote:
The sad part is that we don't really see any response from the staff, clearly many people have insane performance issues and none of them have been addressed. It would be really nice for us players to know, if GGG is even working on a fix. I doubt most of us cares about it being taken care of in this league, as it's finished for the majority (some people still try to play it though), but I would really love to know if the game will be playable until new league starts on 18/08/2023 (it's not playable at the moment for me, even though I meet the "optimal performance" requirements). So please, just post some announcement, if there are any changes or rollback coming in, or you are fine with losing probably like half of your player base because of the terrible patch.

the playerbase is not worthy of their words. they simply don't care enough about their paying customers as they are busy with more important things like poe2... a game they can't even market to the masses for at least another year. so that is where all the poe1 dev money goes.

i did however have my first graphic issues since the patch. no lags but cpu and gpu were maxed and everything was a flashing blur with only my icestorms and their ground effects clearly visible. juiced 135% T16 with exarch, harbingers, beyond, and breach
poe is going down fast. Diablo 4 and Baldur's Gate 3 have no performance issues. play them instead
Sunyata_ wrote:
ziipher wrote:

You expect bug fixes yet do nothing to share what your problems are to GGG.

The issue is clear. CPU utilization is massive across all areas of the game, and it's underlied by brand-new rendering glitches. Hardware specs and logs are for tracking down hard-to-isolate, situational bugs. The rendering engine is not hardware specific, nor is it situational. There's no point to a hundred threads clogging up the board for the same issue when there's nothing to isolate. Moreover, providing that information puts people's equipment at risk because the problems are maxing all cores out. It will take time to fix, a log of a twelve-core CPU cranked out to max won't help speed that along. People here are asking for a rollback because there was no need for this patch at all on the users' end, and it was a terrible time to implement it regardless.
Your posts have absolutely no purpose. You're not providing relevant suggestions, or any new information. You just keep re-iterating the generic guidelines for reporting bugs that are already easily accessible if sought. The moderators can address the posts you're addressing if they need to, referencing the guidelines and requesting they be applied, or just note them without replying if they decide there's no need. That's their job. They get paid to make that assessment, without your "help."
You're only making their job harder by spamming the thread with enormous, lazy replies filled with redundant triple-quotes of already long posts in a pathetic effort to eke out some sort of self-righteous victory, reducing readability for the people you're simping for in the process. They're not gonna bang you, bro. It's no wonder you're so desperate for validation.

giving me a page of your ranting doesnt help you.

Listed above is GGG's post requesting the community to "please" post their bug issues.

ya'll are not doing that. They need pc specs, they need in game settings. Do all that so they can replicate the bug and fix it.

Again, as proven, you replying to me instead of posting to the bug section is a "you" problem.

You're only making their job harder by spamming the thread with enormous, lazy replies filled with redundant triple-quotes

Says the one with the rant. Don't reply to me then. Would be easier if you just posted in the bugs section. Maybe you will? or maybe you're the type that doesnt do anything for yourself in life. Who knows.
this starting to look grim getting such a huge performance loss right before new league...are they gonna even fix it or they think its fine now when it isnt
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any plans on fixing this?

its probably been a week or so...
Can we see any plans on fixing this lags, please?
Dekand wrote:
tried to run the game with some suggestion proposed to get the game playable:

So far,
Vertical Sync On in NVidia driver , VSync Off in game. Tripple buffering ON in Nvidia Driver and in game.
quote end
from kory1979

However, the game latency spiked to 800++MS in every 2seonds.. the game is "laggy".
Honestly, this issue only happens after the new patch was in since Monday.

playing with 5 years old laptop,with GE GT740M

GGG, please look in this. Weekend is coming

wanna repost my reply again, with my pc spec
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4200U CPU @ 1.60GHz 2.30 GHz
Window 10
8.00 GB RAM
Graphic card - GeForce GT740M

The main issue here, as complained, game is kinda laggy and have spiked latency to 800++MS.
This is a old laptop; however, this PC was working fine before the new patch was in last week.
Yeah is unplayable for me to dang ,been a few days already (
They won't give a crap about POE1 players much further. 150 peeps on the POE2 side and maybe 20 left on the POE1 side. Cross helping each other or not between the games, many of us will succumb to not being able to play POE1 the same way on machines that are weeelll within the minimum specs to play like we once were able to, let alone being able to touch POE2.
So, from 150+ to 40/100 fps after the patch, i stopped playing POE after the 3.21.2 because its unplayable

My wife plays on a notebook, went from 40+ fps playing on 720p to 30+ playing on 800x600

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 7600X 6-Core Processor 4.70 GHz
Installed RAM: 32.0 GB 5600MHZ
System type: W10 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Video Card: GTX 1060 6GB

Game Configs:
DX12(tested vulkan and dx11 too, dx12 still better)
RES: 1080p
Triple buffer: Disabled
Foreground fps cap: 240fps (I have a 280hz monitor, playing below 100 is horrible for me)

YEAH, I know that is a lot of effects in my hideout, but it didn't affect me before the patch. MY GPU IS AWAYS AT 100% (in the game graph) I know its a old one, but... c'mon, POE don't have beauty graphs to consume all of this from a 1060 6gb, and in the task manager it don't reach big percentages of my computer capabilities

I'm not even gonna trip.

I uninstalled PoE 1 & will never play again.

I have a ton of great memories with this game, & I would have continued playing & buying things when I could to support the game...but between this piss poor customer service & the horrid looking PoE 2, I just can't do it anymore.

C'est la vie.

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