3.21.2 Patch Notes (part 2 - restart)

i've crashed twice already from the new patch, its nevercrash before.
My rig is new too so that wouldn't be an issue.
Hi I don't have problem having crashes but I see how bad it went

normally I can have 110+ fps to 55 uncapped while killing monsters

but since I don't have gaming monitor I only have 60 fps

but today the boss alone on DIG map I am having 48-50 fps 1v1 wit the boss


and I am having stutters on every map I start

and as I post this reply

I just tried deleting the files on %appdata%

(assuming the folder on %appdata% is the same 'cache files' that is being deleted when you started the game after updating it today)

so I deleted it manually

now it's about back about to normal behaviour although I can still notice
the flaws of the patch today and it was not that bad

for ppl curious and don't know how

just Windows key + R and then type %appdata% then look for folder pathofexile then

shift + delete :)

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nice patch GGG, i cant even fucking open the game, after 10 seconds it freezes and shuts down..
i use an intel gpu so i guess jokes on me, A770M seems to not work at ALL with ur new patch since when i open the game while i have a twitch stream or any other video running it crashes both, so i guess its a video driver issue, that u somehow fucked up.. because the game was running perfectly yesterday
I had no issues before with my pc or the game and was moving very smooth.
im using GTX 3080 TI 12gb
Now the game freezing when moving in maps and its crashed for the first time.
Finally managed to optimise poe over last few weeks down to a stable 34% at all times, now im back to 58% gpu in town....
is The FOV changed I noticed it's zoomed way more than before on the player. I can't see anything further than my footsteps.
I'm playing on Manjaro via Steam (both most recent proton stable and proton experimental) w/ a RX 6700XT and now the game starts up but immediately quits. which, while a mood, isn't ideal.

Nice FPS in hideout, cardiogram is a bit unstable, but... THIS IS FINE, RIGHT ANAKIN?
before those patches game runned smoothly. not anymore. thanks for nothing.
fk archnemesis.
buggy mess
Ditt j*vla flöte Danne!!

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