3.21.2 Patch Notes (part 2 - restart)

I tried to play using GeforceNow service and the performance got a LOT worse. Sometimes textures aren't loading for like 10-15 seconds after I load into the location. Latency is spiking and sometimes I cannot control the character (he just run in a random direction).
Thanks for patch :)

If it isn't on your radar yet, Delve has gone a bit funky. I was getting some rainbow effects, but now it's just a purple block.

Also, a bunch of items turned blue and started pulsating in the camp. Made me think Nico slipped me some of the good sulphite ;)

Performance went whack too, but I know you'll suss that out.
Patch broke the game, stutters and lag everywhere. Plz fix or revert, game was super fine before;
impossible to start the program , miss api-ms-core-libraryloader-l1-2-0

when I do character selection into the game but i can still play but Fps is dying horribly and Cpu go Crazy & can't load some map making it crash the game
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you broke the game !
Biggest giveaway for me that something is wonky: Usually i only hear my gpu fans when delving, because that's probably more taxing than regular mapping or something? Has been like that for the last 2-3 leagues. But now the fans also spin up while mapping in a rather uneventful map. It takes a few packs before the game shows my skill effects (celestial moltenstrike). Floor tiles are sometimes missing for a bit. FPS seem to be a tad worse also.

1440p, cap at 120 fps, vulkan, triple buffer on.
GPU AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT (16GB VRAM; drivers are up to date)
CPU AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
Win 11

I would love to be able to compare it with before tbh. Because i didn't play for ~3 weeks.

Edit: After a few maps it seems to be fine now. Cache needed to be rebuilt or something?
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Grinding the entire league to have a smooth farming experience and then this. Huge performance drop hurting my eyes. No warning or talking from ggg side - straight skinner box style. What a bitter ending of the league.
I just noticed that my GPU power consumption is way up even though the framerate is the same as before (when it's not stuttering like mad due to CPU issues), capped at 60hz.

Idle in hideout used to draw ~140W, since patch it's ~200W.
During mapping it used to draw 150-170W, since patch it's 200-250W.

(Vulkan, Radeon 7900xtx, 2560x1600, Every rendering option on max except DoF=disabled)

No issues found on the 3080ti works pretty much the same

Same here.
Tested one map before work and everything was fine, did a blight and a crucible real quick, no hiccups no freezing no stutter.
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revert please, unplayable right now
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