CPU 100% usage after patch

Gamingtwink wrote:

Try "full screen".

Then try swapping between DX11, 12 & Vulkan to see if any performance increase.

Hope this help
After 3.21.2b patch fix, i no longer hear my cpu fan sound in casual map (not tested in delirium with harbinger map yet)

Here's my game options --> graphics setting:

Renderer: DirectX11
VSync: Adaptive
Trible-Buffering: Enabled
Background FPS Cap: (As you want or your hardware can handle) 60

And i can click all the Detail Settings at High without any big issues (yet)

But i have to say, gaming experience is not the same anymore.
When you do something new or face something new in game. It cause you lag. And for how long depend what it is, like... open your stash or click each page of it at the first time. It lag you a bit. Entering a new place, group of monsters spawn at the first time a bit worst of course. After that all fine.

Edit: No, not in juicy map. I can hear the cpu fan sound loud again.
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GGG, when it will be fix??? i just can't play with these freezes...
give us option to choose an engine, old or new(((
ghbjdfgjhds wrote:
give us option to choose an engine, old or new(((

Unfortunately, I don't think that's realistic at all. I don't think a rollback to the old engine is realistic either.

Ideally, they can just fix the new engine. But they don't seem to be making any progress there. It's been a very long time.

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