ExileCon 2023 Twitch Drops

Well, it seems the whole "wings-drop" thing wasnt planned very well at all. To plan it for such short a time slot when so many of the community had to sleep, because obviously saturday is a workday for many people, was a REALLY bad decision. dont understand, why the wings couldnt be handled the same way as the portal drop. this way it was pretty much impossible for lots of players to get the drop. I think GGG usally handles stuff like that better

execusion seems to be even worse considering how many people have already posted about the problems with getting the drop, even though they did watch during live. I had the same problem.

I really hope GGG will do something about this and maybe find a way for people to still earn the drop or at least fix it for the poeple with problems.

Definitly sucks to stay up so late to watch the reveal live because of the drop and then not getting it because of a bug or something.
I know GGG is busy with ExileCon, but there should be moderators monitoring the forums still, and it would be nice if they made a comment stating they will resolve this after the convention ends.
I physically did not have the opportunity to get wings, what a hell
Just a PSA on Twitch drops. If you see this message, but don't have the items in game, you need to connect to Twitch under your PoE profile.

I got the Heartseeker Portal Effect, but for Raven Demon Wings, it said I watched 0 seconds. I actually watched 2 hours+
I watched on and off for several hours yesterday and today and didn't receive credit for the Heartseeker Portal.
Just wanted to echo the sentiment here: it's a shame that the wings required 1 hour watch time, while it only had a 1,5 hour window in a timezone that most of the world was asleep

We know it's possible to get the wings to redeem a code, so why not give everyone a code?

That would be an awesome gesture to your community
CinderSolis wrote:
Just a PSA on Twitch drops. If you see this message, but don't have the items in game, you need to connect to Twitch under your PoE profile.

Thank you that helped!

To add to that, if you are lost like I was, click on your account name on the top left, then "Manage connections" on the right column, below your avatar, name and badges.
Watched livestream recording for 5 hours and it didn’t contribute to the twitch reward (ACTUALLY watching and not afk). Everything was linked. Had to like click into twitch inventory again and rewatch another 4 hours. And to add on, the wings reward is so impossible for people sleeping in that time zone it isn’t fair. Why make it so gated in that timeframe and such a short qualifying period??? Is this a pure New Zealand game ?
Gotta agree with some folks here that the drops were not managed accurately - it should have been set in a way that everyone could get it without the need to stay up during the night. Just a thought for future :)

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