ExileCon 2023 Twitch Drops

Didnt get the wings because of 10% it was 3 a.m here :/ and I watched the vod because I really wanted to see it all, please 1h:30m window to get a 1 hour drop is insane
Huge dick move GGG. Who rate limits a drop to 1.5 hours on a 3 day event? How does this team continue to be so out of touch with reality?
Gutted. sleeping on day time & stayed over night just to get wings. No wings & got a portal...Just to watch some spoilers. You have no idea how dissapointed I'm.
there is still time to go back on the decision to limit the wings' drop to the first hour and a half of the launch event.
please reconsider, i have gotten mine just because i was able to watch it from the start. many have missed it, even by a few missing minutes.

have the drops available for today and tmrw so that every poe enjoyer can earn them.

please please please, ggg
Limited time only drops in the middle of the night in EU. Supreme decision making.
I started watching before the con went live, when it did I made sure the % was going up, but didn't get the wings. Got the portal without issue which is strange.

Oddly, the promotion running with streamers right now shows 'watch for an hour and get these wings!' but the info page shows the offer is over. Bit of a mess for sure.

can't get wings. Its totaly crap. Its writed you will get drop, and now you can't get and it not writed why?...
This is beyond frustrating, have GGG not considered players who live in different time zones??
i like some nice drops, especially since its linked to an event.
in a narrow timeframe of 1,5h you surely will get some people pissed, cause its hard to miss, even if it would luckily fall into your timezone's daytime.
for cases like that add VODs and have the thingy drop during the whole weekend, just like the portal effect.

unless you wouldn't want to give out some wings. in that case - why bother and doing it in the first place? you're setting yourself up for failure here.
there is just no need to restrict a cosmetic reward like that, if a 2nd one is given out during the weekend..

instead of restricting something to the actual time of the livestream, do additional drops for live-stream participants and VODs for the rest of us who can't arrange to watch at a given time, sadly
I got both drops. The wings are ugly and will never use it. The portal is ok. So for those that missed either, you’re not missing anything.

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