Weekend Stash Tab Sale

EasyTimes wrote:
nikola061 wrote:

Turn on v-sync. That limits your gpu to 60 fps and that way it does not run at 100%. You dont need more than 60 fps in this game anyway. That will bring your pc temps by 20*C

Already on it tried everything, won't help.

12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-12400F 2.50 GHz
RTX 3050 oem, go figure.

I've got to say, the best (by far) change I've noticed was upgrading to a Nvme SSD. Not only on loading times, they were already fine with a regular SSD, but virtual memory and everything else now runs super smooth. It's an actual joy playing POE right now because of it. Oh, and I also use a Memory Cleaner app on the background for long sessions, the game tends to have a bad case of memory leak. Either try that, or close and reopen every now and then, ymmv. Best of luck, Exile :)
Would be nice to actually receive the stash tabs ingame as well...

Mail sent to support, and I assume they will fix it.

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