The Art of GGG - Part 2

Cool. GGG please fix my loot.
Ok this is good, very good! Love it! <3 Good direction.

P.s. But try to be better than D2 and D4, not the worst. Path of Exile is the best game in the world for life, not some silly game for 3 years like D4. Try to do better things than glowing knights in butterflies and creatures with a candle on their heads.
I believe in you, you can do it!

Rule No. 1: This is dark fantasy game.
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Wow... One day I wanna be at least half as good as them. Very cool artworks! Thanks for sharing!
Nice !
Bad Seed
Will 'The Art of PoE2' be getting it's own artbook?

My first one is getting lonely. :(
Tatyana one is epic.
2nd last the best for me
The one of Andres is absolutely insane !
These looks damn good!.

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