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Make better rules regarding names and/or participating if you've already qualified, it's affecting the overall integrity of the competition and it shouldn't as it's completely unrelated to gameplay.

Using other players' names is not cool in this context, especially from someone already qualified. Not cricket.

I'm not even sure why qualified players were on the livestream since there are no stakes for them, much as it's great to see them do well.

A few suggestions for future races/rules:
- Flagging past winners re-entering as some flavour of unranked/spectator, so they don't occupy leaderboard slots nor have their "first to enter" state broadcast to other players
- Fixed character names for official races (GGG name changes if necessary, turfing out name squatters)
- Perhaps time penalties or similar (longer beach, start with an n second debuff, etc.) for part-of-a-series races for unsportsmanlike conduct not meriting disqualification, provided guidelines and penalties were known before the race
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Will there be consequences for unsportsmanlike behavior? I hope so.
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My QoL List:
I'm happy to see Havoc win, listening to him afterwards you can see this meant a lot to him. He's been a solid racer for many years, this is a great result!

About the controversy just some thoughts, not sure I'm right or wrong:
Guraste is presumably using a 'fake' name between the different events, if we are to believe that they are the famous ExileCon 1 racer. In that sense its hard to claim others can't use a fake name, but I get that using another racer's name is somewhat different (I think you could argue both are 'unsportsmanlike'). It doesn't seem to be a violation of the rules however as I understand them. A lot of it seems contingent as well: imexile had to win the race easily so his name was in lights etc, guraste had to quit, Havoc had to keep going, guraste didn't seem to notice there were 2 Keldorns on the ladder, etc. Its probably better just to have winners not able to race in future events. Even if imexile didn't use Keldorn's name and had something positive ("DonateToCharity"), I think guraste still would have quit when he realized he was so far behind.

Anyway, exciting race and looking forward to #4!
Personally I think exile deserves a boot for that stunt, it was intentional. Out of the 4 lines of text we have for rules I feel he went out of his way to break one.
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