The Art of GGG - Part 1

Taxb wrote:
Would love to see some PoE cinematics eventually, even if they're outsourced - anything to bring the universe to life a bit more.

I'm honestly surprised this hasn't been done yet.

Would be great to see, absolutely <3 ^_^
Super cool! I loved looking at all their other work too. Very inspiring and talented people on your team, love it.
auspexa wrote:
if only the game design team was as good as the art team

auspexa wrote:
if only the game design team was as good as the art team

Yep, have great respect for poe devs and artists, but balance designers have either lost connection with reality by never trying to play their creation for prolonged periods of time and without debug commands, or they abuse players on purpose for extra bit of retention at any cost, including guaranteed strong grief and frustration on player's side. And new shady way of making patchnotes does not help trust either.
Amazing! Cant wait what POE 2 will hold for players when it comes to areas, npcs and items.

There are people who are not willing to delve into poe because currently you look like a low polygon hobo when you play the game with regular items that you find.
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The least you can say is that POE is primarily designed for PC
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Great artworks! Thanks for sharing :)
VEry nice, love the BigBird! We need more posts like this!
Damn AI work oO
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
Aweesome Artworks!
Russell - 2D Artist soo cool

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