Grinding Gear Games' art team is comprised of many talented artists. We've shown off a lot of their work in our news posts from Concept Art to 3D models, so today we wanted to do something a little different and show off some of the other work they do! Check out their art and portfolios in today's news post!

Note: If you're keen to check out the artist's portfolio, just click their name!

Yong Yi - 2D Artist

Dmitrii - 2D Artist

Russell - 2D Artist

Harrison - 3D Artist

Dane - 3D Artist

Caroline - 3D Artist


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Grinding Gear Games
very cool !
Super cool!

The detail is so insane, I wish there was some box you could tick in game to view high detail models like this. I played the whole league and had no idea it looked this cool.

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Thrillsteel is beautiful, makes me wish there was a Samurai class in PoE
auspexa wrote:
if only the game design team was as good as the art team

That's sadly normal.

3D artists get paid about 1/3 of programmers and they usually make up 3x the company roster as well. Not to mention bad art is subjective while bad coding is not. Well, mostly.

If I'm coding a project I don't expect anyone to see I tend to skimp on the legibility.
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Hail to the artists!
They are doing magnificent work, but I guess they don't always get enough time for everything.
Would love to see some PoE cinematics eventually, even if they're outsourced - anything to bring the universe to life a bit more.
Those are amazing! Thanks for sharing! That's some amazing talent you have over there. Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast
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