its easier to learn Music Theory than your "Crafting System"

SerialF wrote:
it means with the 57% it s 5 div+ on average to craft at a minimum. and on a thousand player there would be 180 people that would not hit it ! so for them it would cost 7.5 div+ for one item. still, there are 8 items on a build so a build around at 50 div. and u used a fractured base.

i could find 7 div boots with the same mods a you on sale. so it s not that more expensive.

Ofc I used a fractured base, since it made the whole crafting process alot easier and the limitations of a fractured item that it can't be influenced (except eater/exarch) was a non issue for me.

Besides that, taking a look around on the market I have to agree with you that I could have bought them now for a similar price than I would end up on average by crafting them. But for this keep in mind that we are already kinda late in the season and that therefore is alot of stuff on the market.
About the crafting cost, if you don't especially aim for the onslaught mod, there are 2 more veiled prefixes in the pool with ms +x which would mean you have something like 90% chance to hit one of those 3 mods on first unveil.

In general my reason to post the item together with the recipie was to point out that you can do alot yourself without super difficult crafting recipies. with some basic knowledge about crafting and craft of exile for calculating the odds, you don't need a master degree in PoE Crafting in order to make your stuff yourself.
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