Our first ExileCon Qualifier event begins in 30 minutes! You are now able to join the event and compete for a spot in the finale race at ExileCon. If you can't participate today, you still have a chance to shine! In the following weeks we'll host three more ExileCon Qualifiers every Thursday at 2PM PDT. For more information about Qualifier events and their prizepool, check out this announcement.

If you're in for some Path of Exile action, join our official livestream at twitch.tv/pathofexile now! The event will be shoutcasted by ZiggyD and RaizQT, so lots of fun is guaranteed.

Shortly before the event started, our server host experienced a network incident that dropped and disrupted connectivity for some players in EU and Canada. Our server host managed to resolve this approximately five minutes into the event. This was completely random but very unfortunate for our racers participating in those locations. We do not expect this to occur next time.

Congratulations to kekshookertonxdd (imexile) for winning the first ExileCon Qualifier Event and securing their spot in the finale race at ExileCon in New Zealand! This race was super close and we can't wait to see who will take the next one. Thanks to everyone who watched and participated!
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Absolutely MAGNIFICENT turn-around from ImExile. Losing 2.5 seconds on a logout versus Dominus was really really wild. Props to Guccipradas for letting him know in voice comms that he was still in the game.

To see his emotion after his win, very touching. 3 years in the making for him to win a racing event and qualifying for the main event at Exilecon.

Tyty putting up an absolutely amazing fight. A game of single steps, one right behind another. One small blip or blop in RNG and pacing could instantly turn this result around and all parties were ready to game.

Great first race! Very hype all around. GG
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23h in Germany good job
Not sure if it's related, but authentication/map/hideout loading takes forever.
You eventually get an error "Game sever lost contact with the realm".

This started happening almost at the same time with this event.
As above, the beginning of the race kill the servers and instances. I just lost my Katarina to this
I already hate this event, fix your servers GGG!
I lost my map and divine vessel. FFS, only problems this league. FIX YOUR GAME GGG. FOR F U C K SAKE!!

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