Kirac's Vault Microtransactions Showcase

Cool sets! Sure would love to have something like a mannequin in my hideout to display and swap between them...

Did you just forget about that MTX? You were so proud of it you put it in the league reveal stream...
nice sets
Please allow us to use the effects without having to use the specific armour. For example, I would love for my health glove to be molten without me having to wear that specific helmet MTX.

P.S. Mannequins when?
Pretty sure i win the first place with my RF version :P

Isn't this clickbait? Only one set from the four shown is from Kirac's vault. I'd buy it right now if I got all 4 from the vault but that's not the case.
It is always nice to see how different MTX can be pieced together with various sets to form a unique look for your POE character. However, it would be great if there is a preview system where we can preview the MTX on our character. This way, we get to visualize how we want to mix and match the MTX.

Right now, we can only see each MTX appearance via the showcase videos in store. Many times than not, we have bought an MTX just to realize it doesn't fit as nice as we thought it should and regretted spending the points purchasing it.
Guys pls stop pair mtx effect into the mtx part. I love to use multiple versions like flying here ES there ect. Stop forcing us to use that mtx for X effect.
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.

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