Various Crucible Concept Art

Love Arachnamagus, others are extremely ugly.
I love this game to the max, everything in the game is great except for one thing. The game design of MTX is a disaster. MTX in the game when it comes to design looks like it was done by the junior designers themselves and without the supervision of the art director.

I hope POE 2 will be better. And the content will be more mature for adults.

I really want to support the game financially because I love it and it's the best game in the world but I have nothing to spend money on. Everything is rainbow and glowing, you do stupid things like unicorns and butterflies which I hate. Is this what "dark fantasy" looks like?

I'm not sure if this is amateurishness, stupidity or deliberate sabotage of the game to destroy it.

It is enough to compare, for example, the color palette of Diablo II and Diablo III. Diablo 2 was loved by everyone for 20 years and Diablo III was hated by everyone after a short time.
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Why don't you do an Exaltborn armour set? Oh, Wait...
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Why on earth did you make the Arachnamagus armour red in game?
The Arachnamagus Armour Set reminds me of Imperial Triumphant. Good one.
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Too bad Arachnamagus Armour was made red in-game... It looks 1000x better without that. I'd actually consider purchasing otherwise

EDIT: Please consider making this armour set have 2 tiers, one with red, one without.
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Name of the second? Its the chaos one with hhigh tier?
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Feel bad that all of these MTX being poorly executed in game. The chaosborn set look super clear and detail in concept but in-game its a mess, every detail either cover in black or look too shiny in gold. Igneous Emperor set look perfectly fine in concept here but the lava effect on the lower back ruined it entirely in-game! It would be fine if the lava was coming down from the shoulder like a cloak but instead ur character look like it constantly p**ping lava and the worst thing is u can’t disable the effect. Lastly the Arachnamagus set the concept is super cool and in game it already look 99.9% close to the concept which is super hard to excecute but somehow u guy decided to add some red which destroy the whole vibe of the concept for me and reading through comment I don’t think I’m the only one who feel that way.

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