3.21.0c Hotfix 5

Seikojin wrote:
Pykl wrote:
Please Fix the bug with legion and explode!!!! PLEASE PLEASE!!!
doing a legion encounter with 100% explode chance results in outright deleting the monsters while in stasis, no loot drops, nothing respawns after stasis ends. ITS TRAGIC FFS PLZ!

Do you mean explodes that consume the corpse or destroy it? I haven't seen any issues with my 100% explode from inpulsa.

iv got legacy explode nebulis that explodes on kill, when killing legion monsters in stasis approx 70% of the monsters (usually the magic/rares mobs) seem to outright delete upon exploding, dropping most of the time nothing at all, and not ever respawning once stasis ends, leading to an experience of hitting a legion monolith, seeing a giant eruption of fire, and then... nothing, no mobs, the timer just ends prematurely, and theres no mobs or loot.

this happens to approx 90%+ of the legions i hit this league, its never been an issue in the past.
smit9352 wrote:
Where's the hotfix to Crucible loot dropping from the encounter ffs

The fact that they are ignoring it this far in tells us all we need to know.

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