In today's news post, we've collected some hideouts to highlight creations that our community members have shared in the Hideout Showcase forum! If you're looking for a new Hideout or need some inspiration for your next one, check them out in the video below!

Here's a list of the hideouts featured in the video (.hideout files are available for download in corresponding forum threads):

We'd also like to highlight Arthur_von_Schreyer's hideout, Vergiliae, who they made for one of their supporters. Check out their video here!
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Make crucible mobs drop loot
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Awesome showcase
I usually like the cold hideout theme more. But this is nice too
Holy, people are sooo good in making these, it's mindblowing!
Been seeing that Tiny's For the Science one a lot. They all look great!!!!
I've been to the one in the thumbnail, traded with a dude who was using it, gave me some inspiration to make a new hideout for myself, great stuff keep up the good work!
Grz to all featured and tnx for beeing in the showcase!

cya Deathtiny
level fast, die young and leave a nice looking corpse!

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