3.21.0 Hotfix 9

Fix the god damn EU servers.
Fixed a bug where it was possible to combine the Crucible Passive Skill Trees of a non-Unique Item and a Unique Item together in certain cases.

Absolutely ridiculous you let this go live and now are taking it away.

Couldn't agree more. I thought it was an intentional change from the announcement and I've been working on leveling up a tree on a rare that I intended to transfer to a unique. Just saw this and realized I've been wasting my time. Was excited they actually made getting interesting stuff somewhat accessible to some normal players, but now it's gone and I might just quit the league cuz I will probably never be able to afford what I want now (was working on making a dope Emperor's Vigilance for some crazy shield crush).
I feel the same way! It literally says right in the implicit that it combines crucible trees "INCLUDING ON UNIQUE AND CORRUPT ITEMS" Says nothing about it needing to be the same unique type. Just like you I was saving an amazing tree that I found. After watching the highlights for the day before I started playing, some streamer managed to do it on Malachai's loop and it worked for him. He was so excited about it too and it made me thing to actually spend the time to look for the perfect tree for my build. I Find it, Buy the 65c forge and run my way to the alter all excited. WELL GUESS WHAT! It now needs to be the same unique to transfer. What is the actual point of that?
Fix the constant lag man!

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