The Crucible expansion launched last weekend and the community has been discovering lots of new things! Check out today's post to see what's been discovered so far!

New Unique Items

Two of the newly discovered unique items interact with Crucible Passive Skill Trees in special ways.

The Redblade has a two handed sword Crucible Passive Skill Tree, allowing for much more powerful skills than what can usually be obtained on a one handed sword.

The Geomantic Gyre has only one socket but its Crucible Passive Skill Tree only has high level Support Passive Skills, allowing for up to 5 level 30 supports!

Chain of Endurance grants you life regeneration for each different ailment affecting you. Becoming available to use at a low level, this could help you get through some difficult situations, or perhaps you'll look to intentionally be affected by multiple different ailments in exchange for a large amount of life regeneration.

Bloodsoaked Medallion provides a cycling effect which will help keep your life topped up while you attack and slay monsters. Make Atziri proud by sustaining yourself on the blood of your foes!

Orbala's Stand prevents suppressed spell damage from stunning you and debilitates monsters when you suppress their spell damage. Consider combining this with some of the newly reworked Spell Suppression Masteries for some great synergy.

The Fourth Vow lets your armour also apply to chaos damage taken from hits, but allows physical damage taken to bypass your energy shield. Having your armour apply to multiple damage types can be quite the defensive boon!

New Divination Cards

Outside the Divination Cards that we teased before launch, more cards that were released in the Crucible expansion have been found! If you haven't seen them yet, check them out below!

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Grinding Gear Games
New stuff is cool, looking forward to you guys fixing the league a bit :)
What's Been Discovered So Far?

That everyone is upset and doesn't like the league mechanic?
unnerf sabo
make the crucible monsters less tanky, there's literaly no reason for a t1 white map blue mob to be tankier than a uber boss

also, make them drop weapons with trees unlocked anywhere, not just on the remnants, this would make the league actualy rewarding to do
We discovered that 4 months of developing leads to league with pretty boring mechanic "just ur rare weapon once and thats it". Not impressive. Maybe we need like 7 months leagues cycle? No offence, real question
Yet another unpaid Path of Exile 2 Alpha Tester.
I don't think this is the post we were expecting today.....
no way of really charging without going to far, once you have gone to far, you basically have to void the whole map (awesome)

there a lot builds that dont use weapons, and the ones that do need to craft there weapons till they get them in a good spot and then you ask them to 50/50 gamble brick there weapons and shields with an extra 3 levels of rng so thats 75% to brick, yeah not really well thought out.

not to mention the forge map it self you can skip all the minions on it if you mildly fast, because for some reason they dont track you????

thime to get new play testers, or listen to the play testers.
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