3.21.0 Hotfix 6

3.21.0 Hotfix 6

  • Attempting to pick up a Kirac Pass Free Track item with a full inventory will no longer delete the item.
  • Fixed a problem where Kirac Pass Free Track rewards were available in Private leagues and in Ruthless. We have kept them enabled in HC SSF Ruthless Crucible for this league in order to maintain fairness in the ongoing Boss Kill Event.
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Last bumped on Apr 12, 2023, 2:06:11 PM
Why aren't kirac free pass reward available in private leagues now? WHats the reasoning?
I am playing in a private league and now have a permanent Vault Pass Reward exclamation point next to my flasks.

Can you allow me to dismiss the alert regardless of if I've claimed it or not. Just in general, outside of this bug.
This is completely unfair. Ruthless players who made it to maps have already claimed some of these. This has economic implications for Ruthless Trade. Why are players being punished for GGG's mistake? The free track needs to be reinstated for everyone.

In the future, there should be a Ruthless-appropriate free track. But changing things mid-league is awful.
So we PAY for the private league but we cant get free rewards for what reason now??????
Who makes these decisions???
What kind of advantage does the free pass give in a PRIVATE LEAGUE????
I don't understand, why is it that Private League players can't get items from the free track?

I don't want to "abuse" private leagues by getting the items over and over, I just want to get them once for free now.
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GGG: "We need players to buy our Pass, lets offer some free currency so it's always annoying the players and they might spend their money on it."

Also GGG: "Those players who spent their money ... they don't get that free currency."
What is the reason for not enabling this in private leagues, please. Thanks.
holly, i was wondering why my Kirac pass is not working and its because GGG decided I should not have it because I play in private league. Amazing decision, Im sure all players that paid to get private league are happy they are being punished for it.
Perhaps the reason is pay to win:

Players could buy tons of private leagues, bot? their way to the kirac rewards and then migrate to the parent league.

Very theoretical but I suppose possible.
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