3.20.2d Patch Notes

7 GB ? is the Crucible content being included?
Thanks for Ruthless Permanent Leagues!
7.52GB patch so i dont need to download new ggpk file next league right?
7.52GB patch so i dont need to download new ggpk file next league right?

Don't ever need to. Can't if you're using Steam or Epic Games' client(s) (incompatible).
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So what exactly in the reason for this patch to contain 7,5 gb of data?
Why is this patch 7gb?
It is your own damn fault...
GGG can you please clarify why we have to download 7.44 GB on Standalone Client?
6 gigs to turn off sanctum league? When have we ever had this before?

Or is this the new 3.21 patch subtly pre-installed and waiting to go live? If we gotta download another 6+ gig patch on league start that's ridiculous.

I'm missing things like atlas completion progress, only unique maps are completed. Also missing my fifth map device slot, and eldricht horrors map progression.
Is this an intended wipe, or is the migration process for my account not yet complete?

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Including download size information in notes if patch is larger than 500MB would be nice indeed. Surprise GB airdrops are not always convenient you know.

Allowing to preload league assets to reduce bandwidth usage is fine, but could you please also communicate about it?

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