3.20.2d Patch Notes

3.20.2d Patch Notes

  • This is the end of the Sanctum League. Your characters and their progress will be migrated over the next few hours following the patch, or you can use the migration options in the character selection menu. Thanks for playing!
  • You can now create Private Leagues for the Crucible League, ahead of the league's launch on April 7. These leagues will not begin until the Crucible League launches.
  • You can now create characters in Ruthless Permanent Leagues.
  • Relics and Lycia's Invocations will be deleted upon logging in.
  • After this patch, local cached assets will be cleaned up upon launching the client, in preparation of the upcoming league launch.
Last bumped on Apr 7, 2023, 4:42:07 PM
Thank you!
Hurrah for another catW league.
A&E contacted me for an episode of hoarders... I turned them down because this between league patch will help me clean up my stashes.
Can't wait for a new league!
I will miss you Sanctum and Relics !
Thank you GGG! This was one of the best leagues I've ever played! I hope that the Crucible league will also be one of the best.
RIP relics.

I really wish GGG didn't have to keep voiding league items. Sigh.
Yet another unpaid Path of Exile 2 Alpha Tester.

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