3.20.2c Patch Notes

and i clicked one of the heist members and the deco was gone out of my hideout (before it was not clickable but there) and now i need to do a quest to get it back or use a char that did the quest in the league ?

"you must complete the quest "the rogue harbor" in act 6 to unlock this decoration for your hideout" ... wtf GGG
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Syndicate died for this patch. RIP 2 Red Jun missions in Ruthless with Gold
Creator of Dementophobia

Name, reward, art and flavor text all my idea, very satisfied with outcome
PSA: Lockers have reset/moved position after this change. You might have to re-import the hideouts you are using.
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harvest colour issue fixed when?
poe is going down fast. Diablo 4 and Baldur's Gate 3 have no performance issues. play them instead
hello. there is a bug for delve after this patch. Delve area mods and depth can no longer be seen at the top right of the screen while delving. You can only see them with the subterranean chart. I tried restarting the game and changing the server. The issue isn't fixed.

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