Have the supporter packs lost their initial meaning?

I mean .. do we really support small company anymore,???
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Ivanovv83 wrote:
I mean .. do we really support small company anymore,???

Yes , a lot of people like to look pretty in HO...because you cannot see anything else on the screen except when you are in HO...

It is what it is...People buy lives in candy crush...so I literally expect nothing from the other side of gaming.
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Uh...they lost their initial meaning before the game even came out. The initial meaning was "support for early access and maybe go bigger to get some cool shit or even design a unique item". Once the game was out of beta it became much more about exclusive cosmetics, forum titles and just throwing money at something you really like and want to do well.

After the Tencent acquisition, there was only one real reason to support and that is out of fear that if you don't, if too many people don't, Tencent might casually turn off the lights. I hope there is no one out there still supporting thinking GGG is indie and needs it the way they did years ago. There is to me a sense that GGG take it for granted now because lord knows the past few years of their work haven't seemed all that eager to impress anyone who isn't already a player and thus expected to play and probably support as long as whatever the latest league offers works, give or take.
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I hope no one is under this illusion anymore lol.

GGG doesn't even own itself (although the IP ownership is somewhat murky). GGG gets support from Tencent, not PoE players.

We are just customers in a monetization stream, regardless of what "ongoing support" meme language CW uses. You have no idea where your money is going or what it is being used on. (see console funding debacle)

It's all the same revenue. Saying your purchases help develop PoE2, is just as credible as saying your purchases helped fund salary & administrative costs, which enabled CW to buy a lambo.
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I didnt know that was their initial meaning, so prly has. I took supporter packs to mean "buy these to show support generally" and get a better bundle deal, and some exclusives. I took support to be face value. I support this game, heres like a years worth of monthly subs cost in a bundle, thanks for the mtx. Didnt know original goal or purpose. Just seemed generally to be a better deal and worth grabbing if you intended to buy points anyway. I think i got 1 because I wanted to buy a bunch of storage and whatnot and saw I could get the same points plus a lot of mtx if I was willing to spend enough at once.
i wear my cosmetics from achievements on me

not gonna suport Tencent anymore
and i disagree with where GGG is going with all those nerfs and changes

too much they destroying fun from game so yeah
i do have my stash tabs, nn anything more to buy here

expecially not some rando cosmetic item for 40 euro
im not that idiotic enough
Yeah... Every player these days should be aware of the F2P model. Paying for MTX packs in GGG is the same as paying for Diablo 4 or paying $1 for a carton of milk. Sure, the money do in fact "support" the company behind the product, but you are purchasing a product, be that virtual or not.
Sometimes, just sometimes, you should really consider adapting to the world, instead of demanding that the world adapts to you.
Even now both further game development and server hosting costs money.
So support packs and the normal mtx stuff are the only source of money to keep the game alive and running.

Not a single company has the interest to host a f2p game just for fun on their own expenses.
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I buy Supporter Packs if I like them. I bought the one with Cadiro Perandus because I enjoy being able to sell stuff to him. Do I mind that that pack cost $90US? No, because of the many, many hours of enjoyment I have gotten out of playing Path of Exile over a decade. It helps to keep the lights on at GGG, helps keep the developers fed and their families housed, and it might even encourage them to keep at it with a game that some posters assure us is "dead" at every hiccup in the ARPG market.

I loved it when Cadiro commented on the fact that my character was wearing Kaom's Roots boots; that sort of thing is worth the price of admission. =^[.]^=
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Honestly doubt he bought a lambo -- dude didn't have a license at the time of the buyout and I imagine he has been just as busy since.

A collection of mint Black Lotus, on the other hand...
ARPGesus died for your skins.

Healthy competition means 'good enough' is never good enough.

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