Walmart Super Center - Recruiting for 3.21 - (NA & EU) (PC only)

Old/new player here. Old as in I've been playing for a couple of years but new as in I'm obviously missing something and progression has ground to a halt. Highest lvl char is 66.

Looking for a group to play and hopefully learn with!
hey, if questi did not reach out / msg you, join the discord and msg me or questi directly on there
Hi. Would like to join. Mostly to share maps push atlas at the Start of the League 3.21 , and 5-ways or rotas for exp
Hey, either send a dm to Questi thru the discord link in the original post or join the discord if you want to talk.
updated post / bump
I'd like to join, never really tried guild stuff before, played a long time (since beyond).
Hey, sent you a pm.. join discord or direct message myself or questi from the links in the main post

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