This build proves why no game in the world can ever compete with POE

You would never even think a build like this is possible.


In D2 all the builds look identical but they say it feels unique, not POE since in POE you can link skills via gems so not only do all builds feel different but it also LOOKS drastically different.

Anybody who thinks D2 can compete with POE is delusional.

Most certainly D4 ain't competing with POE as D4 is inferior to D2

Once POE 2 comes out and we can rid ourselves of this vomit inducing animations of POE 1, we will finally destroy Blizzard.

Only thing holding back POE is the ugly character animations luckily everything is being rebuilt from scratch in POE 2

Look how Awesome my MTX Marauder RF looks
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You're an interesting cat. I look forward to seeing where this thread doesn't go.

Getting old
Always wanted to try something like that, but I'm worried about my eye-sight :D Is it wardloop?
And another thread with a PoE fanboy/girl/bot that lacks any sort of objectivity.
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This look like moded game that never should happen in real game.
In path of exile we doesn't have variety of builds. There are few caps

builds that are on 10-50 mln. <not playable, why in next>
builds that are on 50-100mln <no>
builds that have 15 miliards dps

due to a fact it's not even 2X better BUT XXX Better in damage and survivability doesn't exist in path of exile as it's not needed.

only these builds from last cape exist as option to pick from.

Poe was good game early with no zooming, more strategic/tactic and less braindead zooming around the map where all people just copy builds from others.

good game is a game where you don't copy builds from internet but create them on your own.
Ehhh low tier bait imo, cmon dude put some effort in
can we ban the POE fanbot
Except i can build the same skill 20 different ways on last epoch.
So you create all the lag on the server...

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