[3.24] Icicle Mines / Eye of Winter Deadeye - Cheap / League Starter / Fast Mapper / 1st Day T16


- This build works very well to complete the Atlas at league start and farm maps fast
- This build is a mapper, it's NOT a bosser
- I've been league starting with it over 10 times already
- It doesn't require any specific items
- It's able to progress the entire Atlas 1st day of league
- It's able to farm T16 maps 1st day of league with only a few chaos invested
- No skill or flask timing needed
- Room to level other gems
- Only 1 skill setup
- 4500 life & 100% spell suppression pretty early already
- Great freeze uptime (makes mapping quite safe)
- Doesn't really require Uber Lab! (it's only a small & situational defence bonus)

This version of the build is the cheap, league start atlas completion + mapping version. It's squishy, but freeze helps a lot :). You can make the build tanky and also increase the single target dps many, many times, if you invest into it. Some players were playing Icicle Deadeye to do "No Hit" Sanctums. It's also a good choice, if you're looking forward to make a bow build later. Then you already have a Deadeye :) and can just farm currency with it, until you have saved enough currency to craft or buy everything you need for your bow build. This works really good, because you are not required to invest into this build to be able to farm T14-16 maps.

Note: As Ranger, you can't buy Icicle Mine in Act 1 already. You have to ask someone else to buy it for you in the end of Act 1 - or get one from trade. Or you use something else till Act 3 Library Quest ("A Fixture Of Fate". It's located in The Library in The Imperial Gardens. There you can buy Icicle, EoW, Charged Mines, ...). I recorded a full Act 1 to Act 3 Library run for you, see under "Videos" further down. BUT: If you wait until Library, the gem will be level 1 and you should level it a bit, before you switch! I highly recommend to get one at level 12 or as early as possible and level it during the early acts already!
I also recorded a full Act 1 - Act 10 run. The gem & tree progression of this run is posted further down.

Necropolis League Changes

- new Mine Mastery, "Detonate Mines is Triggered while you are moving"
(I tested it and I don't like it. It's detonating mines way too slow. But Automation gem + Detonate Mines gem works quite good!)

- basic Tattoos are back (Tattoo of the Ramako Sniper now provides 5% projectile Speed)
(you should use them!)

3-Link Bitterdream vs. all 4 Shaper Guardians in Crucible League:

1st Day of Crucible League - T15 Tropical Island with Delirium (one of the hardest maps for Deli):

EoW vs. all 4 Shaper Guardians with Maven activated:

3-Link Bitterdream, level 84, 4k+ life, 100% suppression (from tree), gear worth about 20 Chaos at league start:

Mid-Budget (10-15 div) - 20 million dps - Shaper Guardians with Maven and The Formed:

Searing Exarch, Eater of Worlds, Conquerors, Elderslayers Invitation, Sirus

Ranger Act 1 - Act 10 Kitava - Pconc into Icicle Mines

Necropolis League - 30+ div / h Strat - Farming T17 Map drops in Shaper Guardian maps

My Gear Progress @ Necropolis League Start

Day 1: 10 hours after league start, Exarch + Eater (2 Voidstones) done, Atlas almost done, 1st player @ T17 Citadel map (and 1st player to fail it too :D)

Day 2:

Day 4:

Day 5:

End of Week 1:

Final one for this league. MB, Nimis, 0 mana cost

My Gear Progress @ Affliction League Start

Day 1 about 9 hours after league start:
(Uber Lab, 2 Voidstones (Exarch + Eater), 7 fav map drop slots, vast majority of maps completed)

Day 2:

Day 3:
No upgrades. Here are some cool charms and jewels I'm looking at:

Day 4:

Day 4, another update:

Day 5:

new amulet

Day 6:

Week 2:

My Gear Progress @ Trial of the Ancestors League Start

Day 1, Atlas done (112/115, missing 3 unique maps), 6 Favoured map slots unlocked):

Day 2:

- upgrades I got so far (anything else still "Day 1")
- don't buy a 2 socket Shroud, buy the Div card instead: Misery In Darkness
- I will buy Heatshiver too, but have to fix some resists first :S
- also working on vaaling +2 on March of the Legion

This tattoo is only 3c per, I highly recommend getting at least 5 for 40% proj. speed! (I'm currently using 7 of them.)

Day 3:

10 x proj speed tattoo

Day 4:

new (anything else see Day 3 PoB):

Day 5:

(Heatshiver with Icicle crit multi enchant was much cheaper than mine throwing speed, I will get one with mine throwing speed later...)


Day 6+:

Looking forward to double corrupt some enchanted Heatshivers, even better jewels, +9 boots and level 100 (currently 98.5). I bought HH a day ago already and may switch to a MB later (it will depend on the content I farm).

My Gear Progress @ Crucible League Start

My Gear Progress - Day 1 - (+Passive Tree & Atlas)
(already farming T15 Tropical Island + T16 Coves, Searing + Eater down)

My Gear Progress - Day 2

My Gear - Day 4

My Gear - Day 7 - (+ my current Atlas Tree)

My Gear - Day 9

Icicle vs. Eye of Winter

- Same Tree & Gear ...
- Only 2 gems are different!
- Icicle: feels a bit nicer and safer during mapping; slightly better clear; mobs die faster/immediately on the entire screen; better freeze uptime
- EoW: higher single target dps

Budget / League Start Gear

- rare items with life + resists work fine
- any wands or sceptres with some of these mods: crit chance for spells, crit multi, +1cold/+1all, damage to spells, spell/cold/ele/mine damage, crafted mine throwing speed

Cheap uniques that I buy as soon as I have a few Chaos Orbs:
1. Bitterdream (for 3-link Icicle, works fine till T16!)
2. Mutewind Whispersteps
3. Heatshiver

Path of Building (+ Act 1-10 Progression)

"Act 1-10" has a menu to switch between gems / tree!

Act 1-10 Pconc into Icicle:

League start / day 1-2 / viable to complete entire Atlas:

Mid-budget / ~15 div version (15 div without Nimis):

My TotA League gear (twice as much dps as mid-budget):

You can get Path of Building here:

- you can often buy a level 21 Icicle Mine gem for 10c - 20c a few days after league start
Mid-budget version notes:
- 2 socket shroud (3 is possible) and +8 boots (+9 is possible)
- you may get poison / ignite immunity
- you may get some chaos res too (I don't need it for the content I farm)


Act 1-10 Pconc into Icicle: https://pobb.in/6O8y08UjIqmf

Campaign, before you have pierce / chain:
4-L Icicle: Icicle + Pierce + Trap and Mine Damage + Minefield

If you have pierce or chain:
4-L Icicle: Icicle + Trap and Mine Damage + Minefield + Charged Mines

3-L Icicle in Bitterdream: Icicle Mine + Minefield + Charged Mines

6-L Icicle: Icicle + Charged Mines + Trap and Mine Damage + Minefield + Increased Critical Strikes + Inspiration

6-L Eye of Winter: EoW + Blastchain Mine + Charged Mines + Minefield + Trap and Mine Damage + Increased Critical Strikes

- Hatred
- Summon Skitterbots (+ Bonechill, not needed in Bitterdream setup)
- Flame Dash + Faster Casting or any movement skill you like
- Cast on Death + Portal (saves so much time!)
- cwdt lvl 2 + Steelskin lvl 11
- Arcanist Brand + Assassin's Mark + Frost Bomb (vs. bosses)

You can use Sniper's Mark instead of Assassin's Mark, as soon as you have a very high crit chance (check & compare it in PoB).

You can use Determination and/or Grace, if you want to get more tanky. In order to be able to use different/more auras, you may get a matching reservation enchant on your helm or even use a rare helm with Essence RMR + RMR implicit. Another option is the RMR corruption (socketed gems get reservation multiplier). More options: Enlighten Gem, Annoint on amulet and new Reservation Mastery.


My favorite flask setup I've been running for many leagues now:

I'm not using the Silver (Onslaught) flask in the beginning of the league. I usually start with a Diamond/Granite/Jade (depending on what I benefit most from).
Even later, you may use Granite (instead of Silver) or Granite+Jade (instead of Silver+Quartz), if you want to get more tanky.


Pls check the Path of Building section further up. You don't have to import it into PoB, you can just open the links in your browser too.


1. Gathering Winds (Tailwind)
2. Ricochet (Chain)
3. Endless Munitions (+2 Proj) /// or Focal Point (Mark effect)
4. Wind Ward /// or Focal Point (Mark effect)

If you want to increase your single target dps, you can take Focal Point (Mark effect) instead of Endless Munitions (+2 Proj) or Wind Ward.


Help Alira


My favorite setup: Soul of Arakaali + Soul of Abberath
Also unlock their bonuses!

How to craft my gear & trade search links

Searches (switch from Standard to League, when League is live):

Bitterdream (new version):
Mutewind Whispersteps:
Heatshiver (new version):
Temple mod gloves:
Fractured +1 base (i76+) - you can just switch it to dagger / wand / sceptre:
Stygian Vise base (i72+):
+7 March of the Legion:

How to craft the bases:

- buy gloves with xx % dmg with hits vs. chilled enemies and another resist or high life and either open prefix or suffix to be able to add a craft on the crafting bench too
- use eldritch currency (ember and ichor) to add implicit mods
- league start: use low tier eldritch currency and stop at any useful mod

- buy high ilvl stygian vise and use Deafening Essence of Zeal (always adds 18-21% mine throwing speed) until you get something useful
- if you can't afford the highest tier of the essence, use one tier lower (Shrieking Essence of Zeal)

Sceptre / Dagger / Wand:
- buy high ilvl sceptre with FRACTURED +1 cold or +1 all
- the mod has to be fractured! this will make it permanent (i't will never disappear when you craft)
- use Deafening Essence of Woe on it (always adds 83-94% increased Spell Damage), until you hit something "decent" (for example high spell crit chance + any tier of crit multi or mid-high flat ele damage to any element)
- craft mine throwing speed on it on the crafting bench

+2 Cold Skills Amulet with T1 Crit Multi:

Gear progression

1. As soon as I have 2 chaos: Portal (link with Cast on Death, it will save you a lot of time!)
2. When I start mapping: Bitterdream, Mutewind Whispersteps (about 4 chaos each)
3. just identify rare items and replace your rares with better ones (life, resists)
4. fix your flask setup (doesn't need to be perfect yet...)
5. As soon as you start to accumulate chaos/divines:
- Heatshiver ! ! !
- level 21 Icicle Mine gem
- decent sceptre / dagger / or wand, if you already use Rathpith
- setup 1: +2 or +4 chest
- setup 2 (I prefer this one): shroud of the lightless + march of the legion + rathpith globe + dissolution of the flesh

Atlas progression

- it's fine to run your first white maps magic
- buy maps from Kirac
- use your Kirac missions
- buy Chance Orbs if you don't have any to buy more maps from Kirac
- skill map drop chance passives in your Atlas Tree first

My tree for the Necropolis League start Atlas progression part step-by-step:


Mapping setup & Atlas Tree

My plan for Necropolis League start:

Day 1-4: Red Altars + Blight + Niko (just for move / dps buff) + Shrines + map drop / Guardian map drop / Conqueror map drop nodes

Day 5+: Delirium + Beyond instead of Blight

Loot & Selling

The vast majority of my currency / profit is split among:
1. Currency tab
2. Eldritch Currency
3. Shaper, Elder, Conqueror map drops
4. Eldritch Invitations (guaranteed drop every 14(28) maps)
5. whatever league mechanic you skill (Blight = Blighted maps + silver/golden oils, Deli = Deli orbs + Simulacrums, ...)

Every day I take a short break to convert this to chaos/divines.

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good to know bitterdream is good for something :)
First of all sorry for my English(it's my second language)
1. On poeplanner i see 2 free places for cluster jewels, but I don't see any of them in PoB
2. Are you gonna post END GAME PoB (like 10+ div)?
sewek wrote:
First of all sorry for my English(it's my second language)
1. On poeplanner i see 2 free places for cluster jewels, but I don't see any of them in PoB
2. Are you gonna post END GAME PoB (like 10+ div)?

I'm using Medium Mine Dmg Clusters with Guerilla Tactics + Surprise Sabotage.
You may also use Expert Sabotage instead of Surprise Sabotage.
I currently don't have "endgame" gear on any of my "league starters", but you can have a look on poe.ninja to see how some players are building it:
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1. If the armor you get is +2 AOE gems and +2 Aura gems do you just stay icicle and never switch to EoW? When I switch to EoW it looks like a lot less in pob

2. Do you need those chain increased range + 15% proj speed points on the tree or does it feel ok without them?

3. Have you seen or tried and compared the Blazing Salvo deadeye mines build?

Last edited by RiotKobe on Mar 31, 2023, 11:36:52 PM
RiotKobe wrote:
1. If the armor you get is +2 AOE gems and +2 Aura gems do you just stay icicle and never switch to EoW? When I switch to EoW it looks like a lot less in pob

2. Do you need those chain increased range + 15% proj speed points on the tree or does it feel ok without them?

3. Have you seen or tried and compared the Blazing Salvo deadeye mines build?


I prefer Icicle for mapping, but EoW has higher single target dps and thats why some players prefer EoW. You can try out both, before you buy a corrupted chest.

Proj. speed is nice, but it's not mandatory. You can test/skill it later.

Idk. about Blazing Salvo, but a friend of mine played a similar build with Fireball many times.
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Hello, thanks for this guide, so much detail is appreciated.

What do you think of going to Icicle Mine with Assasin instead of Deadeye?
ArrX8 wrote:
Hello, thanks for this guide, so much detail is appreciated.

What do you think of going to Icicle Mine with Assasin instead of Deadeye?

Assassin is fine too. I prefer DE, because its really nice for mapping at league start and thats what I do. Assassin is really good if you want to focus on farming bosses / invitations.
Would you be able to farm t14 blight maps with this with proper tower setup? Or do you believe it to be too squishy? I am pretty excited to try this but the mine play style makes me worry as it may be too clunky for me unsure. ( The key can be tied to movement which is great though)

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