Grinding Gear Games is Hiring - Community Junior Role

You forgot to add "Working with Bex" as a perk!
baev_os wrote:
GGG should've added "Getting bashed by Reddit users" to be fully transparent about downsides of the job

It becomes easier when you're trained. The bashed comments that are made, are just a reflection of ignorance and emotional immaturity. If you don't make it a big deal, it won't be a big deal.
Invalid Job Requirements.
Its kind of insane that people respond to this positively.

- no home office
- vague, ambiguous description of the job and requirements...


IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT (music playing)
Anyone who thinks it's a dream job have never worked before.
Whole job sounds like some paid redditers writing fake positive reviews.

What a career.
I wish I lived in Auckland.
Guess the TFT Mule got booted? ;)
What an amazing opportunity. Good luck to those that can apply!
Weird, didn't see anything about being good at push-ups in the job requirements.
ARPGesus died for your skins.

I played and deeply enjoyed the Diablo IV open beta. For free. I see no need to preorder. Might be day one purchase if the servers aren't on fire.

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