Build of the Week Season 11 - Episode 5 - Jungroan's Nimis Creeping Frost

Some_Day wrote:
It's a broken ring on release that gives back GMP shotgun, its out of reach for 99.9% of players and everyone wants it. This is not build of the week material at all 😬

I can't afford it therefor it's not build of the week of the week material is literally what you just said dude.
Dys an sohm
Rohs an kyn
Sahl djahs afah
Mah morn narr
imagine what happens to this build when GGG decides to nerf Nimis.

this is why powerful uniques instead of passive tree buffs are always stupid.

we should get both.
Neat! I essentially wanted to make a build like this, CR and the ring, but never could get my hands on the ring to try it out. Never will, with the prices as they are...

Still, glad to see someone made what I wanted to! Looks great and fun, guess I'll wait for whenever the ring becomes 1c material... Bad jokes aside, good job, Jung.
I await the 80% less projectile damage mod on the ring next league.
Our life sustain is rediculous =P
wtf is POG and why the hell are people saying it? STOP IT!
Build does not exist [Removed by Support]
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Jung's builds are so yummy
Her beauty did not fade
her humanity did not survive.
The truth:
Offense: Tons of DPS
Defense: Tons of DPS
hah hah. it's my fractured boots. he got them for like 5 chaos

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