Streamer Interview - Denipon

Well deserved recognition for all of her hard work!
Watching Deni is an absolute joy; I enjoy her content and the community she has built is amazing!! Everyone is incredibly helpful and easily answers questions without ridicule. It's nice to not be belittled for asking simple questions. I look forward to seeing how she will grow as a creator!!
Glad to see you more and more. Hadn't heard of you at all before your appearance on Fated.
yoooooo, the whole denipon vibe/experience is what got me into PoE!!!
Deni best! woot
thank you Deni!!!!!!! ^o^ <3 love hanging out! and the chill vibes :3
Last edited by violet404 on Feb 9, 2023, 10:02:47 PM
We love Denipon! Denipon is super cool! Kitons are nice too.

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