Streamer Interview - mbXtreme

I respect this guy for his crazy builds and his lack of luck when gambling my yearly PoE's salary away in a single day.

But above all I started respecting him infinitely when I saw him winning the Pink Unicorn Ninja Run, there is just something about fit PoE Players that offers a great contrast to the game's geekiness that I just enjoy to watch
MBX was the first POE streamer I ever watched. Ive always liked his youtube as he takes a lot of time to explain some more obscure mechanics and hes pretty detailed in his theory crafting. He helped me understand a lot more of the intricacies of POE. Above all else I think he has a great attitude and is genuinely a nice guy.
I'm fed up with streamers and GGG's parasitic relationship with them
hardcore casual.

Playing PoE for years and having fun despite GGG.
I so love watching the stream. I watched the ninja video a while ago and always like watching the gambling videos. keep it up kid.
Cygi wrote:
"After 1,000 hours of Path of Exile, you can say that you have successfully completed the tutorial."

Great job at discouraging new players with this statement.

Would you prefer he lied to new players?

Chill guy, I like coming by saying hello on your stream sometimes :)
MBExtreme helped me tremendously while I was getting into Path of Exile, amazing content!
Why am I reading this using his accent? XD

Love you, mb baby.
"After 1,000 hours of Path of Exile, you can say that you have successfully completed the tutorial" is something every player should hear. Mhm.

Cool elitism you're fostering in your community, GGG.

I mean, at least it's closer to the truth than the usual 'don't listen to people like me, play your own way' balderdash I see in these community streamer interviews.

And hey, it's nice there's a game out there made for people who not only have that much time on their hands but also consider spending it on an ARPG a worthwhile expenditure of said time. Let's not pretend the quoted sentiment wouldn't elicit eyerolls and probably some degree of incredulity from non-Exiles. And Exiles know it too -- which is why they share such a sentiment here where agreement is guaranteed (and disagreement disparaged, you party pooper you). No Exile would go to someone they know IRL who doesn't play PoE and say, 'so I play a game that takes 1,000 hours to get through its tutorial, cool huh?' and NOT expect a pretty unfavourable reaction. Given most people understand what a tutorial is and how long they're supposed to be, 1k hours for a tutorial just sounds like a failure of game design. And getting through it is just not really a bragging point. Now IF you also make money from it (or off those who DO think 1k hours just to learn the basics of a game is a bragging point and not testament to its messiness), weeeell that's a whole other story.

I'm not sure I'd call GGG signal-boosting the sentiment to the already-converted a fostering of elitism but being an Exile who believes 1k hours is a perfectly acceptable length for a tutorial is definitely deep in 'guilty pleasure' territory. Exclusivism, certainly. A sense of specialness just by being a part of the group, that too.

I find the whole thing hilarious though. Normally one would mock a person who never made it past the tutorial but still feels they can judge a game; at 1k hours, even getting through a tenth of PoE's tutorial should be more than enough for any gamer to make sound judgments on whatever comes after it. It's not like the game miraculously changes in quality or style after that first 100 hours. And anyone who makes it past the 1k hours tutorial has probably invested so much time and effort to enjoy those 1k hours their judgment of the game is no more helpful than someone who quit after a paltry 100 hours...

1k hour tutorial. What a laugh.

Whatever happened to easy to learn, difficult to master? -- lol, that's Blizzard's philosophy apparently.

PoE might actually be, 'difficult to learn, easy to master'
DIV is clearly too easy because even I got a character to level 100 in a mere 60 hours. Playtime so far:600 hours. Nowhere near done with it. PoE was always just a holdover for me. It never clicked the way DIV did.

And yes, I am farming and using the game's only glowing sword. ^_^
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