Continuing on with sharing concept art pieces for the recently released Core Supporter Packs, this week we wanted to showcase the Bloodthirsty Supporter Pack! If you're looking for more concept art from the Core series, be sure to check out the Tormentor and Hellfire posts.

Bloodboil Weapon Effect

Bloodthirsty Armour Set

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Grinding Gear Games
love this set!
this has been my favorite new armour set. nice work
The dagger fall effect is really neat
UFF ALL BE ONE mtx niceeeeee
Paint it red all it takes
Her beauty did not fade
her humanity did not survive.
The map device from this is amazing.

If you want a really dark hideout setup you can put lots of pets near it. I especially recommend the Heist cat pet if you have that

Le Toucan Will Return
Confront those who dare obstruct the transmission of your information with swift rejection, for they sit silently obsessing over your submission.
Awesome work!

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