Continuing on with sharing concept art pieces for the recently released Core Supporter Packs, this week we wanted to showcase the Hellfire Supporter Pack! We shared concept art of the Tormentor Supporter Pack last week, so if you missed it you can check that out here.

Dragonfire Portal Effect

Eternal Flame Wings

Hellfire Armour Set

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Grinding Gear Games
I need that cloak! And btw the Judicator one too.
I kept telling myself I would refrain from more purchases until certain game QOL stuff was added/changed (ranger voice lines past act 4? etc) but this pack makes it so hard lol. It's a total knockout and artists should be proud!
You gotta make that cloak GGG, lava floating down the back.
Very good !
That flaming Hellfire armour pack would have made me buy it
Mathils actual cat
The fourth armour set is HUGE!
all of the sets are amazing, you guys should sell them all, and why is that clock not available ... its amazing

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