3.20.1b Patch Notes

Players: mb fix latency 10000+ ?
GGG: no ty.
Partunu wrote:
Any ETA on the issue that still persists where you can take HP/ES damage in sanctum instead of the sanctum health. I see this the majority of the time when a guard, especially the sword cleave guy, hits me and then all damage after that is directly from HP.

It's intended that you can take damage not just to resolve in Sanctum.
Was the frequent legion 5 way crashes part of the bug fixes?
love this league :)) happy new year to the team
Wut 30.4 GB Patch in Steam.
Any impact on the "Crystals of Shift (death)" that have terrible visual cue?
imagine complaining on a free game
ValTM wrote:
Wut 30.4 GB Patch in Steam.

holy s*** that little patch is bigger then the season patch

can this be right?
GLV_1PD wrote:
imagine complaining on a free game

Imagine spending so much money on a "free game" as this dude.
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VigilantXIII wrote:
Awesome, but it's missing the two changes to Sanctum that everyone is wishing to see: 32 Max Saves and/or 2 Sanctum Rooms/ Map. Surely one of those should be doable, even if we're being conditioned to do one floor at a time as a way to naturally usher in Sanctum as a replacement for Lab in PoE 2. Either way this has been a stellar league so far, thank you for all the good work that continues to be done. :D

Imo would be better if you can store 32 rooms, but, after 8 or so, you got chances to store 2 or more at once after you store 1, but with a twist, if you fail sanctum, all of your rooms will be lost, and you have to do it all over again.

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