One of our favourite unofficial traditions is the league launch cosplay! Check out some of the highlights below!

For updates on issues relating to the launch of The Forbidden Sanctum, visit the Live Updates thread here. We're also continuing to answer questions from the community in our Recently Asked Questions thread, which you can find here.

SuitSizeSmall's Divinia Cosplay via Twitter

And here are some other cool highlights we saw from the launch weekend!

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Those are all awesome! Nice to see the bottom two streamers on there too! Those were great :) (Congrats, Tabula!) Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast
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Cool! Leaguestart was really fun, love the new mechanic and hope yall get more chances to experiment with things outside poe's usual loop
I love that cosplaying just kind of became a thing for league launch.
Oooook, if only there was a YouTube channel dedicated to PoE Highlights...
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Vauche wrote:
I love that cosplaying just kind of became a thing for league launch.

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wheres mathil tho
"Ah, salutations my children... are you ready for your daily dose of smooth jazz?"
Nice to see people getting involved / hyped, but ... I'm personally more looking forward to the adjustments to the league content to come (and when GGG is going to simply throw this resolve system to the garbage bin, it just does not work well with PoE and it likely cannot by design)
SSF is not and will never be a standard for balance, it is not for people entitled to getting more without trading.
Man, that templar has a nice backyard garden.

Mittens gonna get some
I think Mathil didnt get showcased because he was cosplayed as Zagreus from Hades game and not as someone from Path of Exile.

Thats really lame coming from GGG, his cosplay was so nice as always, he deserves some love too, many of them here were inspired by him im sure.
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