3.20.0 Hotfix 5

It works again!
This is undoubtedly the worst season I have ever had (and S16). I am about to lose confidence. Until now, we have not been able to log into the game
Quin in Shambles

As I've read the other hotfixes, I hope it comes to the teams attention that soul mantle is not applying any hexes on totem death.

This is really impacting all the players that rely on soul mantle as a core of their build.

All soul mantle users have invested time and currency into their builds, and their not getting any single use for the armour you might as well just remove it completely at this point.

Since I noticed that the hotfixes in the past day or so have been addressing issues that might be important to the dev team somehow, but it doesn't affect player game play and experience as much as an armour not working as it's intended to.

quin69 cheat ending :D

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