3.19.2b Patch Notes

3.19.2b Patch Notes

  • Added support for our upcoming The Forbidden Sanctum Expansion announcement and its new Supporter Packs.
  • Added Japanese language support to Path of Exile.
Last bumped on Dec 7, 2022, 6:39:43 PM
So excited for the new supporter packs!!!!
☼ Unlock Sandwraith Map mod Tracker Thread #3461595
☼ Remove Deli Music Option #3450767
☼ Improve Beastiery Window beast/trading Management #3380585
☼ Add option to upgrade regular tabs to quads from store #3452458
☼ Buying Veiled Scarabs On Standard 2c Per 24/7 #3508339
The goods are coming!
At least honest.

Nice Patch. Is power siphon still not working with spellslinger and frenzy?

Atleast 3.19.2B looks really great.
daga i can't speak japanese that well =D
Ok dar limba Româna cand ?
ありがと ございます
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