December Expansion Name Reveal

I like the news so far
RubikMonat wrote:
So, conspiracy theory time:

Boss with candles on his head = Chris waxes his head?

Praise our god's hair
must say i remember christmas trees a bit different ..
age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill!
---> <---
Nice to know when next public league alpha drops...
jimhoward555 wrote:
Gamingtwink wrote:
"there will never be dragons in poe" - Chris willson at GDC 2019


there's one in delve

Ye... i think they sayd 'its a wyvern' to defend it.
But a wyvern is technically a dragon onely on two legs. So ye, poe already has dragons :p
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My guess is this league will be abandoned by Christmas.

Would love to be wrong but I'm seriously jaded by the last few leagues. Seriously hope GGG has settled down and made the game playable again.
tonight.... the exile, joins the HUNT!

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