MTX feedback: Ooze Character Effect/more - Request: Ooze Raise Spectre

Hi there GGG, Recently you added the ooze character effect, Thank you for adding that, The Ooze effect is nice and i would say even generous since it covers weapons and other MTX in a nice way all from your belt slot, I'll be using this one a long time and will be looking for ways to further customize my characters on top of it, These types of MTX are highly appreciated, See link at bottom on customization's you could sell that would work over the top of it.

I purchased this hoping i would finally be able to match up with my minions somewhat, and in my hideout this was mostly successful.

Great right? I love it.

But now in another zone:

Not so good and the Stygian raise spectre skin reflects this kind of environmental stuff all the time however the Stygian Character effect does not and the ooze does not at least not in the same fashion so even though im closer than ever im still pretty far from the consistency i've been trying to reach since the days of dried lake.

Pretty please add a Ooze Raise Spectre effect that respects the details on the monsters like almost all spectre skins and has the same shaders/reflections as the Character Effect.

Please also consider looking into this old topic on (added character effect)

I have purchased: Stygian Raise Spectre, Arcane Raise Spectre, Ebony(Formerly Stygian) Raise Spectre, Stygian Character Effect and now Black Ooze Character effect in attempt to achieve some consistency here, This is not really a big complaint but i am feeling slightly frustrated and wanted to share this information with you, I like the direction your new MTX are going in and its offering a lot of people more consistent choices towards cohesive outfits and decorations.
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