Blink and you'll miss it! The build for the season finale of Build of the Week is by devon752, and uses Frostblink to zip around and melt foes in a flash! Check out the showcase below!

For more information about devon752's build, you can find their forum post here or their video here.

That concludes this season of Build of the Week! If you're keen to get your build featured in the future, make sure you post your build in our Classes/Builds sub-forum, which you can find on our forum homepage!
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strTrader Max Block Bleed Lacerate Gladiator Guide:
Quit using the term "we" in a build review. YOU didn't make the character, you're just reviewing it.
Nice, Love it that GGG revived the series.

If i'm able to gave feedback, I would suggest (as a HC player) to include HC viable builds once in a while. There are plenty of 5head builds in the hcssf ladder.
Bad Seed
Any Melee Build? XD XD
Our build, Comrade.
probably the first time this league where you've actually showcased a build that's viable for league start and endgame, thanks.
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In general, I love Frost Blink as a movement skill.
Pyre doesn't need to be catalaysed, just use Anomalous Cold to Fire.

Not sure how this slipped past a team whose only purpose is to theorize builds...

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