Microtransactions from the Sentinel Mystery Box are now available in the store! We've individually priced each set of items based on its type and rarity.

The Sentinel Stash Bundle is also being released today! This microtransaction applies a skin to your Stash and Guild Stash in your hideout to make them look like the Sentinel Box! Check it out in the video below.

Check out all the other Sentinel microtransactions by watching the video below. You can also view the full range in the store by clicking here.

Thanks for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
Yet another unpaid Path of Exile 2 Alpha Tester.
Can´t select variants lol
Mathils actual cat
nice meme
Thank you so much!
I’m probably in the minority but never liked the Sentinel box loot. All seems very uninspired compared to previous league boxes.
HDTanel wrote:
Can´t select variants lol

missinformation, you MUST select variants.
Some of these look very nice! Definitely picking up the prismatic armour a month from now on sale. I would buy these during the league if I could just pay for the set - but ill always wait the 5 months for a sale due to the nature of gambling boxes. Great work artists!
Loot buff from killing monsters yet? Or we just going to open chests for loot only

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