In an upcoming patch, we'll be making some further small changes to the Lake of Kalandra expansion. This news post outlines what you can expect.

In a previous post, we mentioned we were discussing issues related to magic find/culling feeling mandatory as well as cases where it feels bad to get a lot of quality currency or flasks from killing a monster with specific Archnemesis modifiers. In both of these cases, our discussions are ongoing. However, in order to provide a bit more certainty, we can say that we don't have easy solutions for these issues mid-league and will be looking at what's possible for 3.20.

Upcoming Changes

We're planning to remove Gems as a possible reward from Tier 3 and 4 generic encounters in the Lake of Kalandra. For the most part, these will be replaced by Currency Chests.

We're planning to reduce the number of monsters that spawn in the Reflection of the Dream encounter. Additionally, we're planning to reduce the open and close time of the Breach. This is both for reasons related to performance and the difficulty level of the encounter.

We are lowering the duration of the shocked ground on death from the Electrocuting archnemesis mod from 25 seconds to 10 seconds.

We are also removing the damage from Permafrost's cold-damaging ground area. The area only applies chill now.

We are lowering the duration of Incendiary's fire-damaging ground area from 4 seconds to around 3 seconds.

We're increasing the cooldown of the Ice Prison Archnemesis mod from 5 seconds to 10 seconds. The duration of the Ice Prison is being increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds. This results in 50% prison uptime rather than 60%, and fewer overall prisons.

For magic monsters only: we're disabling on-death ground effects for the Incendiary modifier. We're also disabling volatiles from spawning on death when a monster with the Toxic modifier is slain.

Flasks will be able to have Fractured modifiers, which can be obtained through the Empowered Elements conversion modifier.

We're planning to increase the chances for the Will of Chaos and Deadly End Ultimatum Aspects to drop from their relevant bosses.

We have a small patch coming out in the next couple of days with some very minor fixes, most of which is unrelated to the above changes. We'll get this set of changes out as soon as we can.
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dead league, maybe dead game. Game will never be the same and we aren't moving in the right direction.

You want to reduce TFT power but increase it with loot goblins (which feels bad even without the culler issue).

You don't even consider that players should be rewarded continuously instead of once in a blue moon. This is what the player base hate. We want to feel that ANY mob can drop at anytime a big item. Why should I kill ANYTHING if I can just make a speedy build that hunt certain monsters.

Why does killing white and blue monsters feel like wasting time. Im here to kill shitload of monsters and get rewarded from it... not to hunt loot crates.
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