<[CORE]> Currently Recruiting Active League Players (Stash, Disc, Hideout)

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Who is [CORE] Gaming?

We are a US (english) and softcore league based guild.

This is a relaxed, friendly guild with 100+ member slots. 18+ We make inappropriate jokes, share our victories in chat, ask questions, and team up for leveling/end game or just for fun.

What are the requirements?

• Read this post to the end.

• Be an active member of the guild.

• DO NOT join for handouts.

Is there a guild Stash?

Yes, there is a guild stash with several tabs used for sharing gear, gems, flasks etc.

• Please contribute useful items to the guild stash when you can.

• Do not put trash/unid items in guild stash. (If you are unsure ask/link in guild chat.)

• Take what you need - Return leveling items when done.

• If you need something from a locked tab message an officer.

Any donation of guild MTX points is highly appreciated and will be used to add more tabs or member slots.

Is there a guild hideout?

Yes, there is a guild hideout. Submit your own designs on discord, maybe we can setup a hideout rotation, if you are into that ;)

What about Discord?

All are welcome to join, highly recommended - not required.

The discord invite is HERE and in game, press "S" and check guild status.
Please make your nickname on discord the same as your forum name!
So we know who you are :D

Jump in voice anytime, our "Join To Create" channel creates a voice channel for you or the team you are playing with. The creator will have permissions to rename and manage their voice channel.

General Rules -

• Be an active player. (Inactive members WILL be removed after 30 days) If you are going to be away just PM me and let me know.

• Be helpful to others.

• Please leave guild chat toggled on in game so we can communicate.

• No toxic/politics/religion etc.

If you've made it this far, you meet the requirements, and are welcome here!
Just reply or PM with your IGN for an invite.

* Huge thank you to those who donated guild points <3 *
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Welcome Colton1995!

Welcome masterfroger and Xaein!
IGN: ChairmanSpark

Looking forward to be in your guild :)

Inv sent, and welcome Ctoan!

Welcome Bloodlord84!

Welcome YukaBazooka!

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