3.19.0 Hotfix 2

Fix mageblood randomlt turning off, ffs.
league rly bad like it was whe 1st time was boosted rare enemys....t10 maps 200+ death....your made too strong monsters...no one like die so much times....
anyway to revert the waypoint after entering maps to show karui shores instead of the maven questline?
Revert the ultra wide resolution change.
Please revert the ultrawide changes and restore 32:9
Just turn down the league servers, fix all the problems (theyre many atm), revert the Exalt/Divine changes, make Lake of Kalandra less boring & monotonous, quality check the changes where at least 1 employee plays the game (what obviosly didn't happen with the 3.19 patch) and restart the league in 2-3 weeks when all problems are fixed.

Since 3.19 the game feels like a day 1 Alpha version of a game from a indie dev studio that has only 3 employes....you can do it better GGG, plsease back to start and make it better.

Ty. :)
Bad league. Bad Divine/Exalt changes. Bad loot.
Not fun at all
where's the loot?
sad mode: eternal despair

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